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What to Wear in Bluebonnets // Fort Worth family photographer

My favorite time of the year is here! Spring in Texas is marked by the beginning of wildflower and bluebonnet season. Bluebonnets are actually not my favorite of the flowers that spring up around DFW in the spring. Gasp! I know. It's terribly un-Texan of me, so I'll save the others for another post.

My bluebonnet sessions start THIS WEEK, and the most asked question I get every year when scheduling these sessions is "What should my family wear?" So I put together a little list to help you as you start to plan your family's session.


What should we wear?

-Clothes that you feel good and comfortable in

-Think simple. You want to be able to focus on all the beautiful flowers and faces in your photos. You don't want to be distracted by crazy patterns and character tees.

-Coordinating but not all matching. A whole family in all white tends to look washed out.

-Start with a neutral color and add some coordinating pops of color.

-You can have one person wear a pattern to add even more of a pop.

-Add layers and accessories.

What colors specifically should we wear?

-White and creams are classics that always looks good. Just don't do everyone in white!

-Pinks, salmons, and peaches really pop against those blue flowers!

-Yellow really compliments the blue.

-Some people will tell you not to wear blue in bluebonnets. Not true! Some of my favorite images are of families in blue tones.

-Florals can work too! Just don't go too crazy. And remember, you really only want one person in a pattern.

-Accessorize! Layer up your look with scarves, bows, boots, ruffles, denim jackets, jewelry, etc.

What should we NOT wear?

-Avoid neon colors, too many patterns, and large logos. Really anything else goes!


I look forward to seeing your family for this year's bluebonnet season. Interested in scheduling a session for your family? Contact me or schedule your session directly here.


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