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Behind the Lens



I am first and foremost a mother to three beautiful daughters.  They are my reason I do what I do every day. I am a former high school science teacher (physics to be exact), so relating to children comes naturally to me.  Besides photographing people, I love to photograph things out in nature like every flower and insect I see!  I have a bunch of critters in my house too. We have a cranky 16 year old cat named Donkey, a bearded dragon named Leo, and a teeny tiny hamster named Nibbles.  Seriously, follow me on Instagram and you'll see some of my obsessions, along with client work, and just a peek into my crazy life. 




In my camera bag

For most sessions, I use two cameras.  I have a Nikon z7ii and a Nikon z6ii (my 4th and 5th kids!)  I have way too many lenses, but my favorites are my 50mm 1.2, 135mm 1.4, and 35mm 1.4.  When I photograph kids in schools, I use Westcott lights (FJ400 and 200s).


Let's be friends!

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