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Our January

I started my 365 project where I take a photo every day to document our family life. January was a hard one. There were several doctor visits and lots of being quarantined in our house. I also lost my dad many years ago in January. He's almost been gone now as long as he was with me. If you have lost a parent, you know how hard it is. Everything that is wonderful is also bittersweet. As I watch my kids grow, every new thing my baby does, is also painful knowing my dad will never actually meet her. Looking back at the month, I only appear in one photo. I need to make an effort to document not only my kids' lives, but our lives together as well. It can be hard when you're the photographer in the family though!

My four year old said the other day, 'Mom, you take all the pictures so that we remember being babies. Because I don't remember being a baby anymore.' It's amazing how fast our memories fade.


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