A New School Photo {Fort Worth School Photographer}

Last fall my preschooler was so excited for picture day at her school. I picked her up that afternoon to see the proof below. Really -insert large chain school photography company-?!?! I had to have a conversation with myself at this point. "Am I going to buy this crappy photo of my child because I feel obligated to always buy the school picture. Wait, is it really that crappy or am I just being a photo snob? No it's crappy. It's really really crappy. And there's a freaking pumpkin in it. What am I going to do? Print it and have a weird fall pumpkin photo on my mantle all year?"

I decided that day that I wanted to expand my business into school photography. No more awkward photos. I want to capture those kids' true personalities and give my families photos they can proudly display in their home or office.

If you're like me and you want a new kind of school portrait for your child's school, please forward my information to your child's school administration. I'm now booking up for next fall!

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