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2020 Wrap up

Hi friends!

I thought I'd do something a little fun to wrap up 2020. I've had so many repeating clients and new families that came to me this year, and we made some wonderful memories together. Here are a few that really stood out in some way or another. Please don't be offended if you didn't make the list. I had so many to choose from, and I truly love you all!

First baby of the year

I'm starting off with a couple babes because that's what I miss the most pre-rona. I got to go to the hospital, and just walk in. What?!? I had no idea that two months later I wouldn't be able to do any more fresh 48s in the hospital for the rest of the year.

Favorite rainbow baby

Enough said. I love this little girl so much but I've really only gotten to see her for photos this year. Again, stupid virus...

*Almost* Corona baby

The hospitals shut down to visitors the day after I did this fresh 48 session. I had my temperature taken for the first time walking into a building and asked so many questions about whether I'd recently run a fever. It was so weird then, and again I had no idea how normal that would become.

Favorite spring session

I really didn't get to do many spring sessions. I was shut down during all the pretty bluebonnets and wildflowers, but we did manage to get this one in right before the world shut down. It's definitely one of my faves from the year. I loved this location with some new pretty urban backgrounds. Definitely different than my normal pretty greens and flowers.

Favorite flower session

So like I said above, my business was legally not able to operate during wildflower season. And of course in true 2020 fashion, the flowers were extra spectacular this year. Ss here are my two younger girls in the wildflowers.

Funniest porch session

I did a bunch of these to document families hanging out at home this spring. These ladies are hilarious and fun! Remember when you'd been stuck in the house with your kids for what felt like 3957484 days and you were all going a little nuts??

Most sparkly

Who doesn't love confetti?? For the record, this is the biodegradable stuff. Just say no to plastic confetti :)

Most sass

I think this photo says it all!

Chubbiest toddler

If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with chubby babies and toddlers. I have a love for baby rolls like I cannot explain. This girl's legs were the best. This session probably could have also won the hottest of the year. But everyone was a trooper!

Cutest graduates

I did quite a few of these graduate sessions, but this friends session was one of my favorites!

Closest call

I drove to downtown Dallas for this session, and had a blowout tire on the highway. Luckily it happened right after leaving the session and not on my way to the session.

Best Brady Bunch family

Seriously, best blended family. These kids were so wonderful towards one another.

Smallest covid wedding

I usually only photograph a handful of smaller weddings every year anyway, but this one was the cutest and most intimate. Just their kids and best friends were there and it was perfect.

Best backyard

Plus the sky was seriously showing off this night. Gorgeous!

Most relaxed parents

I texted mom frantically a couple hours before this session warning of the rain in the forecast. They wanted to go ahead, so we made the most of it, and splashed in the puddles!

Most daughters

You counted right...6. What a lucky guy!

Best dog

This was the second year with Copper in the family photos. He even posed for me in a couple shots!

Best twins

"Give each other a hug and look at me boys." Dead...

Almost gave me a heart attack

I have three girls. They don't climb things. During this session, I turned around at one point and the little boy was half way up the rocks you see behind the family. My heart sank! The parents barely blinked, and he came down like it was no big deal. Boys!

Best workout

I love these littles. And I also love that I can always get my workout for the day in during their session. They make me work for it! Lol

Most out of the box

Again, I have all girls. Cheer, gymnastics, dance. Photographing this football team was totally different for me and super fun.

Most likely to be a model

Oh this girl! She directed and posed herself the whole session. Watch out world!

Sweetest brothers

These two definitely have a super special bond. They wanted to show off how much they love each other. I got lots of images of hugs.

Favorite location

I don't get out of my bubble very often, and these guys wanted the lake at sunrise with a dock. It was gorgeous!

Favorite mommy and me session

I need to do more mommy and me sessions this year. They are always some of my favorite! Little ones always love showing off how much they love momma!

Best hidden gem

We walked down from these guys backyard and BAM! The most magical little pocket of light. I get really excited about pretty light!

Most 'Texas' themed

We've been talking about getting some cactus in the family photos for a couple years I think. Love this spot! And these people!

Most sons

Four boys...all boys! Also, mom coordinated them all like a champ!

Favorite 'Irish twins'

Well almost. I think they are 14 months apart. Big sis didn't want too much to do with little brother, but I bet they will be the best of friends very soon!

Most personality

I photograph several hundred kids at dance studios and preschools every year, and this girl just won my heart in about 2.5 seconds!

Most chill 1st time parents

Life with a toddler is chaotic, and these guys just rolled with it like they've done it before 100 times!


Thanks for reading! I can't wait to make more memories in 2021!


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