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What to wear to your photo session

The most asked question I get asked about an upcoming photo session is about wardrobe. Here are a few tips for you.

1. Mom- start with yourself! Pick your outfit FIRST. Personally, I think a dress always photographs well because it brings movement to your photos. I know not everyone is a dress person though, which is fine! Find something you're comfortable wearing. If it's a dress, just make sure it's not TOO short, so you can walk around comfortably in it. We usually get a few sitting photos as well. Dress or top, you also don't want too low cut so you're not constantly pulling it up.

See the graphic below. I got this from a quick Pinterest search. There are a ton of these on there you can find. But notice they all start with mom!

2. Once you've found your outfit, pull a color palette from that outfit. If it's a small pattern, pull the main 2 colors and then add another one or two that will compliment those. If it's a solid color, pick two or three more. Use colors you love. Think about the color palette in your house. If you might be printing any of these images large in your house, think about the colors in that room.

-Generally neons don't photograph well. They cause were color casts, or colored shadows, on the body.

-Avoid logos and words

-Avoid all black or all dark colors.

-You don't want everyone in head to toe patterns either. You are going to need some solid colors in there. The key is to COORDINATE not have everyone match.

3. Shop your closets first! There's generally no need to go out and buy all new things. See what you already own first. If you're missing one piece, ask a friend! "Do you have a navy bow I can borrow for one of my girls?" Then shop only to fill in any holes you have.

4. Take a picture! Create a little board like the one about one found on Pinterest. I'm so visual so I just have to see everything to really take it in. If you have a question about your family's outfits, the first thing I will have you do, is lay everything out and take a photo.

5. Layer and accessorize. Plan out all the little details a couple days in advance. There's nothing like running around like a crazy person one hour before your session trying to find little brother's shoes. Hats, scarves, jewelry, belts, bows, shoes. Get it all ready before hand.

6. Lastly, I get asked a lot WHERE to shop. There are so many choices, especially online. Just remember, if you're online shopping, allow plenty of time for shipping. If you're looking for little pieces to coordinate for the whole family, my favorites are Old Navy, H&M, Zara, and Target.


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