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They're only little for so long {Fort Worth newborn photographer}

As a photographer, I'm almost always taking the photos and rarely in them. This momma knows all about that because she's a photographer too. So we arranged a quick session to document some special time with her and her girls. Oh and check out mom's work. She's a pretty amazing wedding photographer at Lacy Lane Photography.


beautiful baby girl nursery
mom in gorgeous nursery
baby girl in antique crib
sister looking into crib at baby sister
mom kissing newborn baby girl
mom with baby, older daughter, and dog on bed
girl with baby sister on bed
mom snuggling newborn baby girl
baby on pink rug
mom looking at newborn in bonnet
mom in white dress with newborn

Thank you for stopping by my blog! You can see more of my newborn work by clicking on my Newborn Portfolio. Are you looking for a DFW newborn photographer? I would love to meet your family and capture your memories. To book a session, contact me here. I look forward to meeting you and your little one!


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