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how to take your own hospital photos // Fort Worth fresh 48 photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet little newborn girl at the hospital just last week, but I have a feeling she'll be my last newborn for quite a while. Frankly it breaks my heart, but unfortunately it's our new reality. I'm hearing from more and more other photographers around the country, and DFW area, that visitors are being limited (or not allowed at all!) in the postpartum unit.

I've put together a list for you if you are tasked with taking your own hospital photos.

1. The technical stuff:

-Turn off ALL the lights and open all the blinds. Natural light is always best! Those hospital lights can cause weird colors to appear on baby's skin.

-When possible, move baby right up to the window or sit with baby next to the window.

-Use a DSLR if you have it. If not, use your best camera phone.

-Make a list of must have photos before you deliver and share this list with your partner.

-Don't be afraid to hand your camera off to a nurse. You deserve photos of you and baby, and they will most likely be more than happy to take 20 seconds to do this for you!

2. Get photos of the mundane. Set the scene.

Grab photos of everything, not just baby! I mean, why not?

Fresh 48 details

Mom and dad, take turns taking photos of each other doing the "boring" stuff (changing clothes and diapers, feeding).

3. Ok, it's baby time!

You can get a ton of great images in 3 simples places: the bassinet, in mom's arms, and dad's arms.

Bassinet. Get all angles. Don't forget above!

Dad holding baby. They always look the tiniest in dad's arms!

Mom holding baby. Moms, sometimes this is the hardest for us. It's ok to ask for someone, dad or a nurse, to take your photo. You'll never regret it!

4. Details! Get up close and get them all- feet, hair. umbilical stump, hands. Again, these can all be done in the bassinet or with someone holding them. Remember to use that window light too!

5. Mom and dad together with baby. If you have a no visitor policy, make it happen. Again, just ask a nurse. Get one of you looking at the camera, and one of you both looking down at your baby. Sit on the bed or stand in front of the window. Any other shots are a bonus!

6. Sibling and other visitors are all bonus! If you can still rotate out visitors, then get those shots when you can. If not, grab them when you get home.


If you are expecting and will be delivering soon with no visitors, please feel free to contact me with any other questions. Blessings!


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